The Homeland of Mermaids


The Homeland of Mermaids

Discover the beauty of cenotes in Mexico

After this awakening experience in Tulum, Mexico – everything is possible. What we can’t understand is maybe the most beautiful of all?


If you stay in the city center of Tulum, this is an easy bike ride, about 10 minuets north. Just note that you will be riding on the high way and it can be a bit dangerous sometimes (!).

Grand Cenote is an open cenote and the sun makes the water so shiny! Prepare to get soaked in crystal. This is also one of the only cenotes with baby turtles (aww).


“Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid. Then be a mermaid.”

You can dive here and with such clear blue water you can really see everything. Make sure you don’t forget to swim through the cave on the right side. Here you find a little cenote as well.



You’ve probably browsed through Instagram and seen a ton of beautiful destinations and attractions. “Can it be real? No, probably not, today it’s all about filters and effects to make everything look perfect.” Well, this one is real, my friends.


At Ik Kil Cenote the wow-factor is huge. I mean come on – what is this amazing thing!? Do you believe me now? Okey, not yet – let’s move on further.

Ik Kil is about 2 hours from Tulum and opens at 10 am. This is around the same time as the sun is starting to spread over the open hole in the middle. This is also an open cenote, but the lushness around the hole makes this something completely different than for instance Gran Cenote.

When you go down the stairs and enter this spectacular cenote, you can here music of panpipes playing. This takes the experience to a higher level.

“It seems like the lush mountain around the cenote are playing panpipes.”



And then we became mermaids at Cenote Samula. This half-open cenote was the perfect ending to the cenote voyage.


Cenote Samula is about 10 minuets from Suytun, and here you can visit several cenotes at the same property. If you want the most picturesque, you focus on Cenote Samula. Not too many people, even though we arrived around 12-ish.

The little hole on the top of the cenote creates stunning sunshine that lights up the crystal clear water.


“We do exist. In another life.”



About 1,5 hour from Tulum, you arrive at Cenote Suytun. It’s easy to just drive past, so look out for the sign. This was the less crowded cenote we visited, which makes no sense. Again, this is completely different from the other two cenotes above.


Cenote Suytun is one huge cave. It is unbelievable that the water can be so crystal blue without any sunshine. To be honest it was actually a bit frightening to swim around in the water around the little round pier. You feel like you enter another world that we as humans don’t know off. A beautiful and spiritual experience.



“For now, all we can do is dream.”


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