5 Swimwear Brands You Need to Know About


5 Swimwear Brands You Need to Know About

Let's talk size, fit, coverage and sexiness!


These are some of the swimwear brands you need to know about. Let’s talk size, fit, coverage and sexiness!


To all my female readers; I think I can say for all of us that comfort is one of the first demands when choosing swimwear. The swimwear can be drop dead gorgeous, but if it doesn’t highlight your body in the best way and you feel good about yourself, then you’ll never buy it.


Below I feature 5 swimwear brands I’ve found to always check the criteria’s I have when buying swimwear. Some of them have been a favorite since 2015 and they are still as appealing to this day. All of my swimwear has been traveling from Costa Rica to Siargao to Mozambique aka all around the globe, and survived plenty of sun, salt and sand.


While the upside of online shopping is the huge diversity, the downside is the fact that you can’t try it beforehand. Maybe your criteria’s for swimwear is different than mine, but my hope is that some of the things below will help you in making the right decision when swimwear shopping online.


Let’s dive in!


swimwear-brands-you-need-to-know-about Bikini: SOMMER SWIM



– long-lasting color and style

SOMMER SWIM is a luxury swimwear label inspired by a chic European summer lifestyle. Timeless swimwear and limited-release collections crafted from the highest quality Italian Lycra.


This swimwear brand is one you need to know about. I have four bikinis from SOMMER SWIM, the first one bought in 2015. What I love about this brand is their flattering cuts and unique colors and designs. You will definitely live in their bikini’s for more than one summer!


  • Fit and sizing: Fits true to size, but I would size up if you are in between. I’ve been sizing up since my first buy to make it more comfortable. But this depends on how you like your swimwear to fit.
  • What I love most: The flattering fit – especially the high rise cut on their panties.
  • Bonus: Fast and easy delivery all around the world.





– timeless quality design

TROPIC OF C is an eco-lifestyle brand born from a life spent at the beach. As their slogan says: “influenced by nature, inspired by the female form.” Their core values sustainability and empowerment, is highly reflected in everything from design to manufacturing. They produce timeless swimwear of the highest quality fabrics which ensure ultra-durablility, and swimwear that maintain their shape.


If you want to contribute to reducing the environmental impact we have on the world, this is a brand to support. At the same time, this does not affect their flattering fit and timeless design. If you like more coverage, this brand provides some of the most elegant swimsuits that both covers, supports and enhances the legs. You can have a clean conscious AND a satisfied beach body! Definitely a swimwear brand you need to know about.


  • Fit and sizing: Fits true to size.
  • What I love most: The quality fabric. This is money well spent! Invest a bit more in quality and you will see a huge impact on fit and durability.
  • Bonus: Fair pricing for incredible quality and long-lasting design.




Reina Olga

– playful and unique patterns

Reina Olga is a swimwear brand with a bold, adventurous style and collections ranging from sporty, seductive and playful. In 2018 the brand was featured as one of the hottest swimwear brands by Vogue with their popular “one size fits mosts” collections.


Their swimwear is fun, wild and cool with an easy-going attitude. It fits my personality and traveling style really well, and is the perfect swimwear to combine with my favorite beachwear and accessories.


  • Fit and sizing: They operate with size 1 to 3, so not too much hassle about being in between sizes. If you are still uncertain, I would go for the “one size fits mosts” collection.
  • What I love most: The playful patterns and awesome fit. This swimwear brand knows how to highlight and appreciate curves!
  • Bonus: A “one size fits mosts” collection that’s actually flattering on many different bodies.


Bikini: Reina Olga.



– sexy and timeless coverage

FAE is an Australian swimwear brand for women who’s not afraid to show some skin. Their main focus is sustainability and timeless design, and the fit is carefully crafted to be both comfortable and sexy.


One thing to say about FAE is that even though they promote their swimwear as daring, you can find quality pieces that offers more coverage. If you prefer coverage, I bet you still like flattering designs that makes you feel sexy. Hence – this is a swimwear brand you need to know about.


  • Fit and sizing: Fits true to size. Choose the size that you use most of the time.
  • What I love most: The combination of coverage and sexiness. Their bikini tops does all; support, cover and highlight. I’ve even surfed with the top and never experienced a boob-flash-accident!
  • Bonus: You are almost certain that no one will be wearing the same bikini as you, wherever you go (maybe except Bali and the Gold Coast).


Bikini: FAE.


Island Boheme

– minimalistic bohemian style

Island Boheme is a swimwear brand designed to get lost on a deserted island. As the name suggests the swimwear features a bohemian style with a minimalistic and aesthetic design.


One of the great things about the bikinis from Island Boheme is that they can easily be mixed and matched. The collections are always filled with a color range that compliment each other, so you can choose your desired beachwear-match.


  • Fit and sizing: Fits true to size, but if your in between I would size down. The bikinis have a tendency to stretch a bit after some usage.
  • What I love most: The color range and unique fabric compositions. My first bikini was in burgundy velour and to this day I’ve never seen any bikinis like that.
  • Bonus: Their latest collection features a design with extra long straps that you can wrap under your bust or around your waist for a contouring effect. 


Bikini: Island Boheme.
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