Hidden Gems In The World


Hidden Gems In The World

From amazing waterfalls to elongated sand dunes


Whatever your heart desires the world has something to offer. Find the hidden gems of the world and get lost. From amazing waterfalls in the jungle, to elongated sand dunes. From Costa Rica to India. Here are four real travel treasures.


Costa Rica: Catarata Ilanos de Cortez

You can’t visit Costa Rica without exploring one of their waterfalls. The lush and rich nature is beyond words, and even more beautiful than any camera lens can catch.


About 2 hours drive from Playa Grande, you arrive at Catarata Ilanos de Cortez. Buy a coconut where you park the car and hike down to the waterfall, about 5 minuets.




The magnificent sight that hits you is a memory for life. I would go early in the morning to get the tranquil experience without too many tourists. Of course low season is the best, both because it’s less people and the nature is most green and rich. Camp under one of the trees; go swimming under the huge waterfall and dive from the rocks. This is such an amazing feeling. 


One of the guys who work there will show you the natural pool about 5 minuets into the jungle from the waterfall. Here you can dive from the clips, one is about 3 meters and the other about 10 meters – in the middle of the jungle! Watch out for all the mosquitos…




After the natural pool you can continue the hike to the top of the waterfall and get an even more insane experience. Sit on top of the huge waterfall and look down this picturesque scenery. This jungle fairytale is definitely one of the hidden gems of the world. 


Nicaragua: Ometepe Island

About 30 minuets with boat from Rivas, you get to Ometepe Island. When you arrive, make sure you get a private driver for the day. Don’t settle with the first who offers you a ride at the harbor. Go to the travel agency a few minutes from the harbor, and plan a tour for the day.


Ometepe Island gives you the real island feeling. Experience waterfalls (rain season), hieroglyphs, volcanoes, lush nature and hot springs. You can stay here for a couple of nights or just for a day trip.


An absolute must when you visit Ometepe Island is Oia the Agua. This is a true hidden gem of the world. A real hot spring from the active volcano on the island. Swim, chill and have a coconut. So beautiful. 




Florianopolis: Dunas de Joaquina

When you visit an island like Florianopolis, you never expect to experience the ultimate desert experience. That’s something I thought a lush island like this couldn’t provide. But, I was wrong. That is possible. The hidden gems of the world are surreal. Whatever your heart desires, the world has something to offer.


From Lagoa da Conceicao it’s about 10 minuets, the same way as you drive to Playa Joaquina. When you arrive you immediately spot the place for sand boarding. The dunes are so big that you can get pretty good speed on your way down.




Walk over to the second sand dune to get an even more serene feeling. Find your place to watch the sunset. If you face the laguna instead of the ocean, I’m sure you’ll see the resemblance of the African savannas and the movie “The Lion King”. The pink hour or golden hour at Dunas the Joaquina is a memory that will last a lifetime.




Goa, India: Cola Beach

This little hidden travel treasure is an absolute must when you are in Goa, India. It’s located before you come to Palolem, about 3 hours from Anjuna. You need to hike for about 15 minutes down to the beach. Prepare to be blown away!


You enter paradise with the Indian Ocean right in front of you. The Blue Lagoon is located on your left, and you can rent a canoe and paddle up the river.




Cola Beach offers two restaurant options, one on each side of the lagoon, both offering bungalows on the beach. Lie in your bed and watch the sunset. Go for an early morning boat ride to watch dolphins or take a yoga class on the beach. 



The hidden gems of the world are beyond words.

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