How to Book the Cheapest Flights to Copenhagen


Book Cheap Flights to Copenhagen

A 2023 Guide


How to Book the Cheapest Flights to Copenhagen? A 2023 guide

Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen and looking for the best deal on flights? In this article, we will provide you with the top tips and tricks on how to find the cheapest deals on flights to Copenhagen in 2023. Maybe you will ask; “but is it really possible to book cheap flights to Copenhagen?” The answer is – yes, it is! With a little bit of research and planning, you can easily book cheap flights to Copenhagen. From searching for flights on the right days of the week to signing up for email alerts, we’ve got all the information you need to save both time and money. Don’t overpay for your flights to Copenhagen – follow our expert advice and find the cheapest options available.


Kastrup Copenhagen Airport. Photo by Daria Volkova 



Top 9 tips to get the cheapest flight to Copenhagen?

Here are 9 tips on how to find the cheapest flights to Copenhagen: 


1: Book in Advance

One of the best ways to save money and book cheap flights to Copenhagen is to book it far in advance. Airlines often offer discounted fares for tickets booked more than three months prior to departure. It’s especially helpful if you’re flexible with travel dates, as this can help you find even better deals and cheap flights!


2: Compare Multiple Sites

To make sure you get cheap flights to Copenhagen, I encourage you to compare prices across different sites before booking. Popular comparison engines such as Aviasales and Kiwi make it easy to search multiple airlines at once and find the cheapest flight possible.


3: Be Flexible With Travel Dates

If you have some flexibility with your travel dates, opt for midweek flights. Opting for another flight to Copenhagen than the original flight you thought where best, might be the key to the best fares. If you can, book the flight at the cheapest time, which is off-peak hours, typically after 8 PM.


Also, if you don’t mind a climate that is a bit colder, consider going to Copenhagen in January/February, which is often the cheapest month.


4: Use a Flight Search Engine

A flight search engine is the best way to find deals on flights to Copenhagen. Input your travel dates and budget, and it will present you with all the available options for getting from point A to point B. My favorites for finding cheap, nonstop flights to Copenhagen are WayAway, Aviasales, Kiwi, and CheapOair – more about them below. 


5: Look for Last Minute Offers

If you’re looking for an even better deal on your flight to Copenhagen, consider last-minute offers as well. Airlines often lower prices as the departure date approaches in order to fill up empty seats. This can be a good way of finding cheap flights.


6: Join Loyalty Programs

Joining loyalty programs can get you access to exclusive discounts, special offers, priority boarding, and more. Airlines fly to Copenhagen and other places around the world at discounted prices, so why not join? This will help you to find cheap flights no matter if it’s to or from Copenhagen.


7: Sign Up for Price Alerts

Signing up for price alerts can help you stay on top of cheap flight deals on flights to Copenhagen and other places. You’ll receive notifications as soon as prices go down, allowing you to book a cheap flight at the lowest possible cost. Your flight to Copenhagen might be just a notification away.


8: Book Multiple Flights

Booking multiple connected flights instead of a single direct flight to Copenhagen can help you save substantially in some cases. Create your own Copenhagen Bundle by booking both arrival and departure flights to Copenhagen. Just make sure to factor in layover times and check baggage fees before booking!


9: Look for Special Deals

Finally, keep an eye out for special deals offered by airlines or travel sites for your Copenhagen flight. These come up quite often and can help you get great discounts on your tickets!


With these tips, you’ll be sure to find the best deal on flights to Copenhagen in 2023.


Kastrup Copenhagen Airport. Photo by 66 north 



What is the name of Copenhagen airport?

Kastrup Copenhagen Airport, also known as Copenhagen Airport, is the main international airport serving the capital of Denmark. It is located on the island of Amager, just 8 kilometers (5 miles) southeast of the city center. Copenhagen Airport is the busiest airport in the Nordic countries, and it is a hub for Scandinavian Airlines and a focus city for Norwegian Air Shuttle.


The airport has three terminals which serves a wide range of international flights from around the world. In addition, the airport is also connected to the city of Copenhagen by a network of public transportation, including metro and trains. Kastrup Copenhagen Airport is known for its modern facilities and efficient operations, and it is a major gateway to Denmark and the rest of Europe. 



Should you consider booking a flight to other nearby airports?

In addition to Kastrup airport, the main international airport serving Denmarks capital, there are a few smaller, nearby airports located not that far from the city. Roskilde Airport (same place as the Roskilde festival), located to the west of Copenhagen, is one regional airport that primarily serves private and charter flights. Similarly, Sønderborg Airport, located in the southern part of Denmark, also mainly serves private and charter flights, as well as a few scheduled flights to destinations within Europe.


The question is; should you book a flight to other nearby airports when you are going to Copenhagen? I do not recommend it. Even though you might find a cheaper flight, it is important to consider the convenience and cost of traveling to and from the other nearby airports. If you are visiting Copenhagen, the best is to fly directly to Kastrup Copenhagen airport – not to any other nearby airports.


Photo by Kaysha 



Where to book the cheapest flights to Kastrup Copenhagen?

When it comes to finding the cheapest flights to Copenhagen, there are four main sites that you should use: WayAway, CheapOair, Kiwi, and Aviasales. Every site offers good prices on popular flights to Kastrup Copenhagen airport, but to help you find you’re preferred one – here is a list of pros and cons for each of them:



Aviasales is one of the top flight search engines in Europe. It provides access to flights from all over the world, as well as detailed information on airline fees and taxes. It is one of my favorites when it comes to finding cheap flights to Copenhagen airport.

  • Excellent filtering options, including the ability to exclude airports and layovers from your search results.
  • Offers multiple secure payment methods, including Apple Pay, PayPal and Credit Card payments available through the Booking Protection program.
  • No support for foreign currencies. No app is available on mobile platforms.



WayAway is a flight search engine focused on finding the best deals for both international and domestic flights. It also has an easy-to-use interface and is popular for its lowest fares guarantee for your Copenhagen travel.

  • Comprehensive search results with lots of filtering options.
  • An app available on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Special discounts are available for students, seniors, and children.
  • Limited customer service options (English only)
  • Fewer payment options than other flight search engines.



CheapOair offers a range of discounts, price guarantees, and exclusive savings on tickets to Copenhagen. It’s one of the most popular sites for booking flights to Kastrup Copenhagen airport.

  • Wide range of payment methods including PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • Lowest price guarantee.
  • Great customer service with 24/7 multilingual support.
  • Can be difficult to compare prices between airlines.
  • Not available as an app on mobile platforms.



Kiwi allows you to search and compare prices from over 750 airlines worldwide in just a few clicks. It also offers the ability to book multi-city trips, as well as other travel options such as hotels, cars, and activities while in Copenhagen.

  • Refunds for canceled or delayed flights.
  • Flexible search options with extensive filtering capabilities.
  • The app is available for iOS and Android versions.
  • Limited customer service (English only).
  • Fewer payment options than other flight search engines.


With this list of pros and cons, you should be able to quickly compare the different sites. This will help you to find the cheapest flights to Copenhagen. 




What is the Best Airline for Copenhagen Flights Deals?

First of all, how many airlines actually fly to Copenhagen? The list is quite impressive. You find major international carriers such as British Airways, KLM, Turkish Airlines, and SAS that offers direct flights to and from Copenhagen. As well as low-cost carriers such as EasyJet, Norwegian, and Wizz Air that provide service to Copenhagen from various points in Europe. For the most up-to-date flight information, be sure to check with a trusted flight search engine like Aviasales or Kiwi to compare prices across airlines.

You might prefer British airways if you are looking for business travels, or maybe Norwegian if you’re searching for business economy class tickets. SAS airlines is a reliable option for nonstop, direct flights, and Turkish Airlines is another popular choice due to its extensive route network. Here are three of my favorite airlines for flights to Copenhagen: 


Norwegian Air International (Shuttle)

Norwegian Air International is one of the best airlines flying to Copenhagen. They offer direct flights to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport to and from many major cities in Europe such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. Their extensive loyalty program offers discounts on flights, making them an excellent choice for both leisure and business travelers alike.


If you’re looking for an efficient way to find the cheapest Copenhagen flight – booking Norwegian Air Shuttle through Aviasales is definitely the way to go!


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Scandinavian Airlines is another popular choice for flights to Copenhagen. They offer direct flights from multiple European destinations, as well as service from North America. Plus, they have a range of loyalty programs and promotions that can help you save money on your Copenhagen flight.

Booking Scandinavian Airlines tickets to Copenhagen through CheapOair is highly recommended. CheapOair offers exclusive discounts and price guarantees when you book a Scandinavian Airlines flight through their website.


Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is a reliable and trustworthy airline which offers competitive rates and a wide variety of destinations from across Europe to Copenhagen. Save both time and money by booking your flight to Copenhagen on Kiwi. There you can easily compare flight prices and schedules, and the user-friendly booking process helps you find the best option for your travel needs.


Copenhagen streets. Photo by Lasse Jensen 



How to get from Copenhagen Kastrup Airport to Copenhagen City center?

When you arrive in Kastrup Copenhagen airport, you would like to find the best way to get from the airport to the city center. From trains to buses to taxis, we’ve got all the information you need to choose the most convenient and cost-effective option for your trip. 



Train is the fastest and most convenient way to get from Copenhagen Airport to downtown Copenhagen. The train station is located at the airport, just take the escalator to Level 0 and you will see the train station. The journey takes only 15 minutes and departs every 10 minutes during peak hours (6 am – 11 pm). 


The best way to make the most out of your trip to Copenhagen is to book your tickets ahead through RailEurope



Copenhagen also has an extensive bus network that connects the airport with various points in the city center. The 5A and 35A buses depart from terminal 3, and takes approximately 20 minutes to the Central Station. Tickets can be purchased on board or at the automated ticket machines located outside the arrivals hall. Additionally, Copenhagen Cards are accepted on all public transportation including buses – making them a great option for budget travelers looking to get cheap tickets!



If you’d prefer to take a taxi, they are available at the airport 24 hours a day and can be found at the designated taxi stands outside terminals 1 and 3. A typical fare from Copenhagen Airport to the city center is around 250-300 DKK (approximately €33-€40). If you want to ensure that your journey is cost-effective, it’s best to book your departure in advance or ask for an estimate from the driver before setting off.


Rental car

If you’d prefer to have full control over your journey, renting a car in Copenhagen is an excellent option. By renting a car, you can explore more of Copenhagen and the areas around. To get the best car rental deals I would encourage you to check out Economybookings. Here you will find many car rental deals from Copenhagen Kastrup Airport.


Rent a bike

Yes, it is possible to cycle from Copenhagen Airport to the city center. If you don’t have too much luggage, and you like to bike it is a good option. The Kastrup Copenhagen Airport is located about 8 kilometers southeast of the city center, so it’s not a too-long bike ride. There are several bike paths and bike lanes that lead into the center of Copenhagen, so you can follow those to get to your destination.


For bike rental in Copenhagen, I recommend Bikesbooking. Just be aware that cycling in Copenhagen can be busy, as it is a popular mode of transportation in the city. 


Photo by Mads Eneqvist 



How to make the flight to Copenhagen convenient and stress-free?

When traveling on a plane to Copenhagen, there are numerous steps that can be taken to ensure the trip is as convenient and comfortable as possible.


1: Check-in early

It is advised to check in online prior to travel so there are no surprises with regards to luggage requirements or airport entrances. Kastrup Copenhagen airport is easy to handle, but early check-in makes the experience more stress-free.


2: Double-check flight time

It is always wise to double-check the time of your flight. Better safe than sorry! 


3: Bring healthy snacks and entertainment

Bring your own healthy snacks on board with you, as the meals on planes are often not nutritious. Also make sure you have entertainment options such as books and games that will help pass the time and make the flight more enjoyable. 


4: Comfort wins the game

Wearing comfortable clothes is ideal for long hours without physical movement. In other words, it is quite important to stay comfortable during a long-haul flight


5: Easy access to important documents

Keep the important documents as passport and boarding pass easily accessible. It will increase efficiency throughout your travel, and especially when passing through airport security. 


Photo by Svend Nielsen 



Summary: How to find the cheapest flights to Kastrup Copenhagen

Traveling to Copenhagen is a great way to experience Danish culture and history. For those looking for an affordable trip, there are several ways you can find cheap flights. First of all, it is important to compare prices between different airlines and look out for special offers or promotional deals. It is also worth checking for discount codes or coupons that may be available to help reduce the cost of your flight. The main takeaway is – check and compare Aviasales, Kiwi, CheapOair, and WayAway for the best Copenhagen flight deal.




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Have a nice flight!


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