Everything is Fucked – A Book about Hope

– Mark Manson


If you are looking for an fairly easy to read, humorous take on important psychological and philosophical topics, Mark Manson is definitely up your alley. In this book he rigorously explores how our human weak spots are painfully linked to our modern life sufferings, and strives to bootstrap the the reader with maturity, self-consciousness, anti-fragility and resilience.


An excerpt from the book:


“They want equality, but they don’t want to accept that equality requires that everybody experience the same pain, not that everybody experience the same pleasure. Freedom itself demands discomfort. It demands dissatisfaction. Because the freer a society becomes, the more each person will be forced to reckon and compromise with views and lifestyles and ideas that conflict with their own. The lower our tolerance for pain, the more we indulge in fake freedoms, and the less we will be able to uphold the virtues necessary to allow a free, democratic society to function.”



Mark Manson  is an American self-help author and blogger. He’s written two international bestsellers and his blog attracts more than two million readers per month. In Everything i F*cked he draws on mountains of psychological research, as well as on the timeless wisdom of philosophers from Plato to Tom Waits, to dissect religion, politics, money, entertainment, and the internet. He challenges the reader to be more honest with him or herself, openly defying our definitions of faith, happiness, freedom – and even of hope itself.



Read. Reflect. Repeat.


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The Importance of Curiosity

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