“A Golden Queen”

The Marigold Crop Top is a wrap tie crop top with half t-shirt sleeve design. Featuring a soft satin/silk blend which accentuate the female body and is truly flattering to wear without a bra. The design takes inspiration from the golden days of the Queen of Sheba and the vibrant golden flower, Marigold which is associated with the sun. Dress up in one of the «herbs of the sun» and reek of the longest-lasting summer color you can find. This year we can all smell of gold and taste like honey. Gold baby, solid gold. 

To get the full look, pair it with the Marigold Mini Skirt.

Main: 100% Silk/satin blend
Wrap tie front top
Adjustable tie front closure
Low V décolletage
Half t-shirt sleeve design

Designed in Norway
Assembled in Thailand

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