Things To Do In Ischia, Italy | Updated 2019


Things To Do In Ischia, Italy

Welcome to authentic Italian wellness

Where to go to indulge in Roman splendor and wellness. Ischia is for pampering like they did in ancient times. What makes the visit even better is the delicious Italian food and living in a beautiful villa from the 17th century.

In this guide you will get some insider tips to things to do in Ischia, Italy. This is a real treat for your mind and body, and if you visit Ischia in low season, you will experience the calmness within. Welcome to authentic Italian wellness.

Ischia is located in the Bay of Naples, about two hours with boat from the port of Naples. You can easy get around the island with bus, but if you want to explore the north and south of the island, renting a car is the best option.


Where to stay in Ischia

Barano D’Ischia is a great place to stay with both groceries shops and small Italian tavernas near by. I stayed in a beautiful villa in Barano D’Ischia from the late 17th century. Over the years the descendants of the family have restored the villa, but kept the classic style of this farmhouse and vineyard.


In the huge garden you can find a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable depending on season, including tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. From March to August you can enjoy zucchinis, radishes, peas, different beans, lettuce and potatoes. The season of the sweet orange is from autumn to spring, while lemons are fresh throughout the year. And wow, the grapevines actually taste like wine.

The closest, elongated beach from Barano D’Ischia is Maronti beach. On this beach you can find all kinds of restaurants and beach bars with sun beds and umbrellas. When you climb down the steep way from Barano to Maronti, you drive pass Paradise Restaurant. This place is located on a clip with perfect view of the Bay of Naples and further south on Ischia.


The Thermal Baths of Cavascura 

The old Romans knew how to indulge in splendor and wellness. Ischia is one of the few islands that still have natural thermal baths. The thermal baths of Cavascura is hollowed into the rock of a deep valley. Situated about 300 meters from Maronti beach.

At this hidden wellness spot, you can spend a whole day and live like a true Roman. The thermal baths of Cavascura offers preserved caves, a small waterfall, sauna and hot spring heated from the volcano. Treat yourself and take the full package, including mud mask for face and body. This experience is divine.


The island of Ischia has one of the richest and most varied hydrothermal resources in the world because of the volcano. That’s why you can find so many thermal parks throughout the island. Try Poseidon Thermal Garden or Negomobo Thermal Park, if you want a full spa day.

The Spring of the Nymphs of Nitrodi

The spring of the nymphs of Nitrodi is situated on the top of the mountain and is surrounded by aromatic and medical plants. This is perfect for a therapeutically treatment for body and mind, just like they did in Roman times. The water of Nitrodi is known for giving special therapeutic benefits, so people come here to bath and drink the water.


“The Green Island”

If you climb up to Mount Epomeo, about 800 meters above sea level, you will understand that Ischia has been nicknamed “The Green Island” . The view is stunning! Another natural attraction on Ischia is the La Mortella garden. It is considered one of Italy’s most fascinating gardens.

Take a day trip to one of the other islands in the Bay of Naples. The boats from Ischia departure every day from early morning to late night. Procida is a considered a secret to foreigners, and is located just 30 minutes from Ischia by boat. This little colorful island is popular with napoletani looking for a summer escape.






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