Where To Eat When in Lisbon


Where To Eat When in Lisbon

The Portuguese foodie tour


Where to eat when in Lisbon

This guide will give you some great tips when in need of some fuel. It’s rather pivotal to know where to eat when in Lisbon. Either you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, a small sweet snack or a tasteful dinner.


If you are a fan of bowls, you will love the breakfast bowl at Fauna & Flora. It will give you a boost start to your day, and you will definitely have enough energy to take on a day of exploration in the city of Lisbon. I also recommend this place as a chill spot for a glass of sangria and some snacks in the afternoon.


Location: Fauna & Flora, Rua da Esperança 33


Breakfast bowl at Fauna & Flora


Breakfast in Lisbon

If you are like me, you often struggle with the decision of what to choose – salty or sweet breakfast. In that case, Heim Cafe is the place to go! Here you don’t have to choose one or the other, you can choose both. For instance, I really recommend the hallomi & egg plate with a small plate of Belgian waffles with berries to end the meal.That will be give you the boost you need for a day of roaming the streets of Lisbon!


Location: Heim Cafe, R. Santos-O-Velho 2 e 4


Brunch plate at Heim Cafe


What do people eat in Lisbon?


Actually, Pastel de Nata is the typical breakfast and quick-fix-me-up-snack for locals in Lisbon, and the rest of Portugal for that matter. This is a Portuguese egg custard tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. The absolute best and most popular place to taste this sweet delight is at Pastéis de Belém. Since the opening in 1837, the original recipe of the Pastel de Nata has been kept a secret, and remains unchanged to this day.


Location: R. de Belém 84 92, Lisbon, Portual


Pastéis de Belém


Where to enjoy a great lunch in Lisbon

Book a table! It’s almost impossible to get a table here, at least in the weekends if you don’t have a reservation. The place is trendy and chic, with many cool details for instance in the bathroom. The dishes will give you a taste of every corner of the world, and if you love spicy food this is the place to go. Also, the dumplings are heavenly!


Location: JNcQUOI Avenida, Av. da Liberdade 182 184


Lunch at JNcQUOI


A Portuguese dinner experience in Lisbon

Faz Frio is a contemporary tavern in the heart of the hip area Principe Real in Lisbon.The restaurant prepare recipes that have been lost in time, add a flavor from the present, and serve them with a touch of modern times. Faz Frio has a welcoming atmosphere, and will provide you with the real Portuguese experience.


Location: Faz Frio, R. Dom Pedro V 96


Dinner at Faz Frio


A trip to Peru for an evening meal in Lisbon

The trending area of Príncipe Real is the best place to go for a dinner experience in Lisbon. You should definitely seize the opportunity and take a trip to Peru, while still remaining Portuguese in flavor. What I mean is; check out the restaurant – A Cevicheria. Here you will relish traditional Peruvian dishes like ceviche and pisco sour (among other things), prepared with tropical flavors from both Portugal and Asia. Book a table and call it a fiesta!


Location: A Cevicheria, R. Dom Pedro V 129


A Peruvian night at A Cevicheria









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