Rent SUP Boards in Norway


Rent SUP Boards in Norway

Local rentals and inflatable paddle board


Renting SUP Boards

Hello summer activity

I hope this article come in handy, if you would like to rent SUP board when you visit the south east part of Norway. Today there are so many water activities to do in the summer, and the last years both kayaking and SUP boards have become immensely popular. On the one hand that is a good thing, because you can find so many options to try it out where ever you are. On the other, it can become one of those tourist traps where you find yourself queuing more than actually trying the activity.




Inflatable paddle board

SUP by yourself

There are many companies offering SUP lessons and paddle board for rent, but I’ve found that renting paddle boards from locals is the best way to try out SUP by yourself. You may think that is more hassle than to just sign up for a SUP lesson, but actually I was surprised by how easy and simple it actually is.


Inflatable paddle boards come in a bag with everything you need; pump, oar and fin. I’ve only experience manual pumps, but it does not take more than 10 minutes to inflate it. The only thing that can be a bit of a struggle is carrying the bag down to the water. It is pretty heavy, so have that in mind.




Try the Hygglo app

Better for you, Better for the environment

As stated above there are many places to rent SUP boards. For local rentals you should try out Torget at or download the Hygglo app. Here you will be able to pick your desired rental period, ranging from one day to one week. With the Hygglo app you arrange your desired pick up and drop off time. The owner gave us the accurate description of where we could find the paddle boards in the driveway, and told us to just text him when we picked it up and dropped it off. Easy and simple.




Places to go paddle boarding

South East Noway

There are so many beautiful places to explore by the coastline of Norway. Here I will recommend some places on the south east part, since this is were I’m from and are most familiar. Just a quick note, it is very important to check the wind conditions before you go paddle boarding. Too much wind will make it pretty hard to SUP.




If you visit the capital Oslo, you have the inland Oslofjord at your disposal, and I find it very nice to try SUP boarding around Malmøya, Ormøya or Ulvøy. Further south you have the outer Oslofjord, and here I highly recommend the skerries of Vestfold, more specific the island municipality Færder. The place contains of 650 islands, many of whom without year-round inhabitants.


Days without any wind, I would explore the more southern parts like Kragerø, around Portør and Stangnes. These places have a landscape containing of beautiful slopes of naked rocks and cliffs.



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