Airbnb Festival in Los Angeles


Airbnb Festival in Los Angeles

Meet fellow travelers from all over the world


If you love traveling, and you are a fan of Airbnb – this is the festival to attend. You meet fellow travelers from all over the world and get inspiration for further travels and so much more!


Airbnb Festival in Los Angeles

In 2016 Airbnb hosted the Airbnb Festival in Los Angeles, and it was the first year they opened the festival for guest. For several years the festival, Airbnb Open, was for hosts on Airbnb, for them to share there experiences with each other.


With Airbnb being such a big part of my life the last years, I was super stalked when I received the invitation. To spend a weekend with like-minded people and listen to such inspiring speakers was overwhelming. I recommend everyone who feel the vibe of this company, and who loves to travel and meet people from different cultures and countries, to attend the next Airbnb Open Festival.




When you first visit Los Angeles, of course you need to check out part of the city as well. You will not manage all, because this city is huge and the traffic is just a night mare. But here are some points of interest I would recommend checking out.


Grand Central Market

The place to go for great, fast and authentic food in Downtown LA. You just have to pick what type of food you want. This is easier said than done with so many choices. Here you have everything, and it is so delicious. I can recommend the falafel.


Griffith Observatory

Spectacular 360˚C view of LA and the Hollywood Hills. On a sunny day (which is almost every day), this is a perfect place to hike!



The Art District, DTLA

Pie and coffee at The Pie Hole

Discover the unconventional art at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

Take a break from the busy city life with a book at The Last Bookstore



Downtown, LA

By attending Airbnb Open I got the chance to see the beautiful theatres LA has to offer. If you have the chance, it is definitely worth checking out The Orpheum Theatre and The Los Angeles Theatre. It’s like stepping into a movie from the 50’s and 60’s. Look up; you don’t want to miss the chandeliers and ceiling embellishments. One other thing to the ladies – the bathroom mirrors outside the ladies restroom at The Los Angeles Theatre is to die for!


The place to grab a coffee in this area is Il Caffe and Verve Coffee. If you want a real boost in the morning, try one of the beauty shots by Juice Served Here. Definitely gives you a kickass start! 


Check out the famous Clifton’s Cafeteria with a 40-foot faux redwood tree in the middle of this cool, weird bar and restaurant. The perfect hangout spot.



Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood Hills

Who knew 10 minuets walking from the Hollywood Boulevard you would find such a calm place like this neighborhood? Not me.


Airbnb Open arranged something called Open House Experience, where you had the opportunity to meet hosts in different neighborhoods throughout LA, individually selected. I chose Hollywood, thinking that this would just be about celebrities and huge villas. Instead the hosts Vicky and Joey invited us to Besant Lodge, the oldest silent movie theatre in Los Angeles, where they gave us an insight in their community and daily life in Beachwood Canyon.



Not only will you get a great shot of the Hollywood Sign here, the serene Beachwood Village offers a café, a florist, a gift shop and an organic super market. The gift shop is famous for it’s delicious pumpkin bread.


Make sure to check out Hollywood Orchard, which engages the community in growing and using locally harvested fruit. It is also worth visiting the famous Griffith Park to explore the wild life of Hollywood Hills.


Stay in Glendale  

You can choose to stay in Downtown LA and avoid traffic while visiting LA, but I’m glad I stayed in Glendale. Then I got to experience more of LA, and the huge distances between the different districts. For instance, Über to Santa Monica from Glendale without traffic took me 45 minuets. On the other hand, Griffith Observatory is close by, about 15 minuets by car.



Another positive experience living in Glendale is staying in Superhost Shelli’s cozy guesthouse. Enjoy the lovely pool in the sun surrounded by the tall palm trees, and her two adorable dogs.

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