Brazil’s Most Stunning Coast: Bahia


Brazil's Most Stunning Coast: Bahia

A tropical gem


Hello Beach Dream—

“Welcome to Brazil’s most stunning coast: Bahia! Here you will experience some of the worlds finest collection of beaches. The beach dream is bona fide in Bahia!


Sunrise at Praia da Costa


The stunning coast of Bahia reflects Mother Nature at its best; shimmering, turquoise sea, azurblue sky, lush green Atlantic rainforest and golden sands for days on end. With over 1000 km of coastline, you are assured the beach dream you get from the photos. And many beaches are almost without tourists….. can it really be?


The local football court in the town of Itacaré


Where to stay: Itacaré

The surfer town of Itacaré is a great base during your visit to the coast of Bahia. Be that if you appreciate chill vibes, picturesque beaches and a local, seasonal cuisine.

Regarding accommodation, you can choose between hotels and bungalow at the beach, in which case I recommend checking out Praia de Itacarezinho. If you would like a bit more self-catered place, as I usually prefer, you will find several cute apartments and houses close to the beach, but in Itacaré town.



Brazil’s best refreshment: ACAI


Praia do Resende

Coconut heaven

Chill family beach. The closest beach to Itacare town, if you don’t count the town beach. What I liked about this beach was the easy access to refreshing coconuts, just of the trees, and of course the small beach friendly acai bowls. Perfect when you need to cool down and get some energy.


Praia do Tiririca is the beach beside Praia do Resende, and here you will get great surf conditions during the day. If you want sun chairs and umbrellas, Praia do Tiririca is also the place to be.


Location: about 15 minutes walking from Itacare town




Praia da Costa

Pristine and lush

This was one of my favorites. No beach bars. Almost no people. Only nature carving out beauty in a small bay. The shadow from the palm trees in the morning and afternoon is your only bet for natural shadow.


Location: about 25 minutes walking from Itacare town


Nature at its best: Praia da Costa


 Bring a book or a lover and get lost


Sunrise from the cliff top


Prainha Beach

Named one of the world’s finest beaches

Hike through amazing nature and jungle, and arrive at one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. This treasure is one for the books!


Location: about 40 minutes walking from Itacare town (approximately 25 min is through a scenic jungle)


Arriving at Prainha



Only one little beach bungalow bar with refreshing coconuts and beverages. This is a great place for advanced surfers with the reefs on both sides creating huge waves. Look out for the current, it can get pretty strong.



A tropical gem


As Juvenal said – never does nature say one thing and wisdom another…..



Along the way to Prainha


Praia da Engenhoca

Surfers paradise

It’s something special with this beach. When the sun hits the palm trees in the morning and afternoon. A gentle, warm wind will make the shadow of the palm trees dance. This is absolutely mesmerizing in my opinion. I can gaze at this for hours, and my body gets filled with ease.


Location: about 15 minutes by car from Itacare town. Followed by a 20 minute hike through the scenic jungle.


Surfing in the morning


This is also surfers paradise. You can rent boards or take classes at the beach, no need to book in advance. One surf school has a cute little bungalow bar at the beach where you can get something refreshing to drink while you wait for the waves.


The jungle walk down to the beach is also fascinating. Lush and green mother nature. Look up to maybe spot some tiny monkeys and colorful birds along the way.


Remember to bring some water for the 20 minute hike or at least buy a coconut ahead, at the top of the hill.


Jungle walk to Praia da Engenhoca


Praia do Havaizinho

Jungle bay beach

Praia do Havaizinho is located in the same bay area as Praia da Engenhoca. You park the car at the same spot and walk through the jungle for about 10 minutes. Then you arrive at a crossroad, and take a right for Praia do Havaizinho.


Location: about 15 minutes by car from Itacare town. Followed by a 20 minute hike through the scenic jungle.


Picture taken from the hill looking over the bay


This beach is more like a deep bay, than an elongated beach. This makes for more distinct high and low tides, so at times you might experience radical changes of the ocean, if you stay for a day. Like when I arrived midday it was low tide, and I could stroll far across the beach, but in the afternoon it was almost full high tide and pretty much no beach line left.


The bay have many small reefs and this creates small natural pools where you can spot some brightly colored fish and other sea creatures. This beach is great for both explorer mode and relaxing vibes.


travel-beach-vacation-bahia-brazil-coolest-coast-elongated-beachPraia do Havaizinho: midday beach strolls


Praia de Itacarezinho

The elongated beauty of a beach

Praia de Itacarezinho speaks for itself. Every time you drive over the hill at Itacarezinho, you will gasp and praise by the sight of this beach. White, elongated dream.


This beach is perfect for long strolls on the beach. The breeze is perfect and the sand is soft to walk on, but not too muddy. Of course this depends on the weather condition, I suppose this beach can get some pretty heavy tropical storms. But if you have good weather, and I suppose you will – watch the cool birds play on the beach and enjoy the moment.


PS: I recommend trying the homemade ice cream at the small counter by the parking lot.


Location: about 20 minutes by car from Itacare town




Praia de Algodões

Elongated and deserted beach

This elongated gem is Maraú’s version of Praia de Itacarezinho. Your beach walk will never end, and I can promise you that you will turn around and walk back before the beach ends. That’s for sure.


Large part of Maraú is a nature reserve, so the beach only has a couple of small beach bungalow bars. Both are centered in the middle of the huge beach, close to the parking area. This means that you don’t have to go far along the beach before it is completely deserted. The beach line is completely intact with the lush nature, grasp it and be whole with it.  Remember to bring water on your beach walk!


Location: about an hour drive from Itacare town




Rio da Serra, Maraú

Divine and lush river lake

On the way towards Maraú, you have to stop by Rio da Serra, when the road parallels with the lake. Some places you will experience crystal clear and emerald green water, perfectly reflecting the green, lush nature surroundings.


Location: about 50 minutes drive from Itacare town


Emerald green lake in Maraú


I don’t know which kind of animals that lurks and lives here, but we took the chance and went down to look at it up close. At sunset the calm water mirrored the moon like a picturesque depiction. No other word than divine can begin to explain this place. Must be experienced!


Rio da Serra at sunset



Bahia is definitely Brazil’s most stunning coast!



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