What To Do in Barra Beach, Mozambique


What To Do in Barra Beach, Mozambique

Under the Mozambican sun


In this travel guide I will give you insides on what to do in Barra Beach, where to eat at Barra Beach and where to surf on Tofo Beach.


When you first arrive Barra Beach, which is located on the tip of Inhambane region, it’s easy to think; “what the hell am I suppose to do here”.  Be prepared to give the place a couple of days before you get into the groove.


Sunset in Barra


Barra Beach, Mozambique

Barra Beach offers a deserted, sun-kissed beach with crystal-clear water and a fresh coastal breeze. It’s located at Mozambique’s southern shores of Inhambane, less than 5 hours from the town of Inhambane.

On the beach, you find a couple of beach lodges and a few beach bars. Even though it’s a touristic beach, you get the feeling of having the place all to yourself. Pretty unique.


Lodges at Barra Beach


Barra Beach is beautiful and elongated, but often very windy. The wind is very pleasant during the warmest months, but some days it can be annoying when you are sunbathing.

The waves are fairly unpredictable. Some days the ocean resemble a lake with local fishermen cooperating in getting the big guys. Other days there is an epic wave action here and local surfers are out dancing on the waves. I would not recommend trying to surf here if you are a beginner.


travel-beach-vacation-tree-house-bungalow-barra-beachMy porch in Barra Beach


When you visit Barra Beach, have in mind that you are far away away from the noise and activities of a regular beach place. There are no beach bars, except some at the beach lodges, but many of these are only open for guests.

At daytime you can find a small, local market at the T-junction in Barra, but its nothing happening at night time. You will have to visit Tofo Beach to find the beach parties and several restaurants.

If you are great at amusing yourself, like reading books and and enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings – then Barra Beach is a delightful experience.

Barra is also a perfect base for exploring nearby travel treasures.


Tofinho Beach, Mozambique

Where to eat at Barra Beach

The Green Turtle

Barra Beach does not offer many restaurants, but one is enough when its a little piece of heaven like The Green Turtle. This is the closest to gourmet dining that you’ll find in the area.

The Green Turtle is beautifully situated on the beach with stunning views of the ocean and a relaxed atmosphere. Usually not very crowded at daytime.

The restaurant combines French cuisine with local commodities and flavors. You find a menu filled with various breakfast options, light lunches and á la carte dinners. Fish and seafood is the main focus, which is always served fresh from the sea. I really recommend trying the crab cakes, they are heavenly and very addictive.


Outdoor dining at The Green Turtle


How to get to The Green Turtle

If you come from Inhambane or Tofo, follow the sign to Barra Beach. At the T-junction in Barra, turn left and continue for approximately 2 km, until you arrive at Bayview Lodge. Beside Bayview you will find The Green Turtle Restaurant.

You can also enter the restaurant from the beachside. 




Surfing at Tofo Beach

Tofo Beach is located 30 minutes from Barra Beach by car. Its a small beach and surf village, with a few restaurants and shops. You can find more beach lodges and hostels for a cheaper price, because this place is popular among backpacker.

One of the main reasons people visit Barra and Tofo in the southern part of Mozambique, is because of the awesome surfing conditions offered here. You can get good waves all year round, especially if you are a beginner. If you are an advanced surfer, you will probably want to visit during winter, November to March, when its more swell. The temperature and humidity are also lower and more pleasant in the winter months.


View from our Airbnb at Tofo Beach


The waves at Tofo Beach are perfect for learning with the shallow, sandy ground and not too heavy swell. If you walk around the famous point on the right side of Tofo Beach, you come to Tofinho Beach. This beach offers a larger swell and conditions for more advanced surfers.

You can get surf lessons and rent surfboards at The Surf Shack, located on the left side of Tofo Beach.


What to do besides surfing

If you are not into surfing, no worries. Explore the picturesque sand dunes between Tofo and Barra Beach. This is a perfect place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

I also recommend taking a walk around the tip of Tofo Beach to Tofinho Beach. Explore the more elongated, rugged Tofinho Beach with more reef and barrels. Take a hike to the top, on the right side on the end of the beach. Here you get a stunning view of the area.


Enjoying a cold Savannah at sunset at Tofo Beach


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