The Green Paradise: Siargao


The Green Paradise: Siargao

Healthy and mesmerizing in the Philippines

When you travel from Europe, this little treasure is quite a hassle to get to. But on the other hand, you probably never seen a greener place than Siargao. And I mean green in every sense of the word. You may fall in love and staying forever. Do you dare?

When you travel from Europe, this little treasure is quite a hassle to get to. But on the other hand, you probably never seen a greener place than Siargao. And I mean green in every sense of the word. You may fall in love and stay forever. Do you dare?




  • Real coffee (hot and cold) at Fili Beans Espresso – the only coffee shop on the island
  • Green, freshly squeezed juices at Café Loka at Cloud 9 – they also serve good breakfast
  • Happy hour at Kermit Surf Resort 
  • Of course, what I always appreciate – coconuts straight from the tree at Cloud 9



If you really want to see what paradise looks like, visit the mesmerizing Sugba Lagoon. I have never seen green water like this!

Make sure you go early in the morning to avoid a lot of people – it something special being here all alone. We left Cloud 9 around 7 in the morning and arrived after 1-hour drive and 30-minute boat ride. That was perfect, no people the first hour!



The small islands around Siargao are worth visiting. If you want that deserted island feeling for a day, you go to Guyam and Naked Island. Guyam is covered with coconut trees and provide shadow when needed. Naked Island is basically what the name indicates – no trees, no shadow, only white sand surrounded with turquoise water. Both amazing!


jungle disco siargao


Post-surf massage at Emerald Village – by far the best massage I’ve ever had! We had an hour massage once a week for all five weeks we stayed. It’s an absolute must  – your body will thank you.

The real local party experience is Jungle Disco Siargao on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can be sure that everybody is going, regardless of age. But don’t go there before around 1am, then you’ll be alone… Pre-party is at one of the resorts nearby. Be prepared for a heavy night!


If you have time, fly to Cebu to experience Kawasan Falls. I have to say that Cebu in general was not worth the visit, compared to Siargao with a totally different lifestyle and vibe. But Kawasan Falls was such a magical experience, so that made it worth it. It is located in Moalboal, about 4 hours from Cebu City. If you go there I recommend staying in Leona’s charming house. You will get typical Filipino cuisine served in the house, they will provide transport to the waterfall and help you out with anything you need.



Cloud 9 – welcome to surfers paradise!  Pro surfers come from all over the world just to experience this beach. Consistent waves and swell all year around, with a huge peak in September when the yearly national and international surf contest takes place.

Quicksilver – left side of Cloud 9 with reefs in front, the waves are not as big and perfect for beginners. Sunset surfing here is like no other place – like being in cotton candy heaven!

Tuason Point – this beach is a bit harder because the breaks can be unpredictable and the current is often stronger. Often better to surf with short board here. Make sure you see the beach at low tide so you know where the big rocks and reefs start…

Cemetery – arrange a surf trip with “Very Good Nice” surf shop, you need go there with boat and when it’s high tide. Perfect for beginners. Not the best name for a surf area though…



Tuason Point – best from sunrise until around 3pm (also depending on the tide). The sand line is pretty short because of reefs, so it’s not an all-day-long tanning place.

Cloud 9 – here you can stay all day if you want! Just moving with the sun from the front of the beach, all the way to the left side and catch the magnificent sunset. You can find some hammocks and a couple of sunbeds, but you need to be early (!)

Doot Beach, Malinao – this side of the island is mainly luxury boutique hotels where you need to pay entrance/per night.  The ocean is definitely calmer and you are facing the three small islands (read: DO). Here you have sunbeds and shallow water, perfect for a super tranquil day. Try out Bayud Boutique Hotel.


I would really recommend staying near Cloud 9 when you travel to Siargao. Even though you’re not planning to surf, it is something about the vibe and people here that is just lovable. Walking distance to everything and always a chill out spot when the heat wave hits you pretty hard…

We stayed in Talisay Pool Villa only one minute from Tuason Point and about 10 minutes from Cloud 9. The best thing about the house is definitely the pool. You will need it, because the ocean sometimes feels just as warm as the sun! The house is pretty simple with all the basics you need, and the area is safe (three dogs and a caretaker is always there). This is one of the only places you get total privacy, because at Cloud 9 it’s mainly just resorts with 4-5 bungalows.


Worth mentioning about Siargao:  

If you’re travelling from Europe getting there can be a hassle, but it is definitely worth it, and maybe more. Because what you are about to experience is Mother Nature at it’s very best. By far one of the top 10 places I’ve been. Paradise really do exist, and it’s green, healthy and mesmerizing.

kermit surf resort

Stay there for a while and you will get to know the routine of the island and the locals. When the coffee maker doesn’t work at Shaka, when “Very Good Nice” has surf lessons at Cemetery, where everybody is going on Tuesdays (hint: jungle disco siargao) and when you can cuddle with Oscar at low tide.

When you vay-kay in Siargao island, I really recommend visiting Kermit Surf Resort. It’s located at the heart of a tropical oasis, and is a place for both sleep, eat and surf. Kermit Surf Resort offers everything you want for your island experience. They serve the best Italian pizza on the island, and it’s hard to just take one of the refreshing mojitos at happy hour. You can join island tours, surf lessons and many other activities here. They are the home of the best local surfers on the island, so if you want to learn to surf or practice your moves – this is the place to do it. Kermit Surf Resort started working together with Gwapitos back in 2010, and they are now the number one – and longest running surf school/camp on Siargao island. They offer both individual surf lessons and surf guiding lessons, and you can always count on them to take you to the best break spots around the island. Get ready for a surf experience you’ll never forget.

I really do understand why people move here after just one visit. Put this island on your bucket list, you will not regret it!

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