Burning Man Outfits

Desert Tribe is our 2019 collection. The collection contains of burning man clothes you’ve never seen. The story behind Desert Tribe was born at the desert festival, Afrika Burn, in South Africa. This is a community of participants who come together once a year to create art, burning structures, burning man outfits, performances and much more. To enter this festival you need a new wardrobe with clothes that reeks of the burning man spirit. The creative vibe and mindset at this festival is a tribal experience and was the inspiration and birth of our Desert Tribe story. Now it’s just your mission to live out the desert dream in our amazing burning man outfits for men and women. 

All our burning man inspired clothes takes inspiration from desert Indians and celebrates a life in harmony with nature. They are animalistic and explores the wilderness within both humans and nature. Our mission with Desert Tribe is to bring out the inner lion & lioness in each of us. The collection features alluring, delicate fabrics in colors of the earth for both men and women. Embracing layers and frills in golden, summer tones like marigold and butter. Get ready to be as extra as possible with MAROA – burning man outfits that makes you sparkle in line with the burning sun

Each of our burning man clothes is carefully named. For example the Impala shirt for men, is inspired by the proud posture and typical leaps of the African antelope, Impala. While making the Impala Shirt we had in mind that the animal can leap more than three times their height. The result is a shirt that is comfortable to wear, even in arid climate like in the desert, while at the same time accentuate the classic features of a man’s body. 

The Cheetah set for women takes inspiration from the slender, long-legged cheetah, found in the wild Africa. Like the animal, the Cheetah set symbolizes self-esteem and encourage pride and passion to life. You can blend well with the surroundings, but still stand out like a fearless mogul. Who are you in the Desert Tribe? With these burning man outfits, you can be who ever you want to be. Join the tribe!