Beach Vacation Clothes 

Wild Rose is a small collection of beach vacation clothes that stands out. The story takes inspiration from many beach vacations around the world, from the Philippines to Costa Rica to South Africa. Wild Rose combine effortlessly sexy beach vacation dresses with a playful touch. They represent the state of mind you always want to be in, when on a beach vacation. The beach vacation clothes is made of a beautiful flower pattern in a soft and stretchy velour fabric. The combination is quite rare, since velour fabric often is used for winter and autumn clothes. But these beach vacation clothes are airy and light, perfect for a walk on the beach or a night out. 

The Wild Rose collection includes a beach vacation dress, bodysuit, bikini, scarf and a hula skirt. All the piece are great to mix and match to fit your every day mood on a beach vacation. For instance, you can tie the scarf around your belly with the bikini top, so that it looks like a wrap top. Or you can use it as a headband or tie it around your bun. Beach vacation clothes should be fun and make you want to dare to try out new things

The hula skirt is the only piece of the beach vacation dresses that’s not in the soft velour fabric. This is a genuine hula skirt made from thousands of cotton strings with a waist belt. Hula is a dance performed by Hawaiian women, characterized by six basic steps, undulating hips, and gestures symbolizing or imitating natural phenomena, historical or mythological subjects. The hula skirt takes inspiration from this Hawaiian dance, and is one of those beach vacation dresses you want to wear when you are going to a beach party, well prepared to work your hips to the music. Beach vacation clothes with a flattering fit and playful mood