Summer Jumpsuits 

Flowerchild collection – the classic jumpsuits for women. Our Flowerchild collection tells a story about a girl who wants to live a fairytale. She will always be a child at heart. The nature is her playground. Like flowers she blooms when the sun is shining and needs fresh water to cleanse and reboot. Sensuality is her weapon and the vulnerability in her eyes, her guard.  Only the most sincere and fearless will understand her completely. 

“She loved mystery so much that she became one.”

With Flowerchild we wanted to create the perfect jumpsuits for women. The fit is truly flattering so that you can wear it without a bra, and the unique colorful and flowery fabric feels gentle to skin and enhances the classic features of a woman’s body. Adorned with ruffles in front, back and on the arms, with a mid-low décolletage. The jumpsuit for women is ankle length and is suitable with both sandals and heels. Jumpsuits for women, and especially our Flowerchild is perfect for sunkissed skin and salty hair. The Flowerchild collection can be purchased by request and is a perfect grant to your couture clothes for summer. The perfect summer jumpsuits are tailor-made by MAROA.

A timeless jumpsuit is everything. A universal statement even if you ask a woman or a man. We can use jumpsuits all year, but it’s especially drop-dead gorgeous in the summer months. Summer is made for jumpsuits, and jumpsuits are made for women. It’s a way to enhance your feminine side and celebrate your curves and female figure. Summer jumpsuits should make you feel confident in yourself and your own body. Our Flowerchild jumpsuit provides a slimming effect from the colorful and flowery fabric, and the low back is effortlessly sexy for a night out dancing. What are you waiting for? Put it on and prepare to get some attention.