Unique Beach Dresses

Imagine being a mermaid. Living your life in the ocean, surrounded by the most beautiful creatures on this planet. Don’t you want feel like this when you’re shopping for summer clothes? At MAROA we think that the most unique beach dresses are the ones that make you feel in one with the beautiful, blossoming nature. Lush and tropical like the jungle. Wild and unpredictable like the ocean. Bright and passionate like the sun. Bold and daring like the desert. Which summer clothes are you shopping for? What unique beach dresses will make you feel like a mermaid? Find your vibe. 

“The magical moment when you connect with the ocean. Let it steal your soul. Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid. Then always be a mermaid.”

As described above, we think that summer clothes should look like the colors of the blossoming nature in the summer months. Be A Mermaid is inspired by the golden, yellow and glowing sun you only experience at golden hour – at sunrise or sunset. This is a sight beyond words, and it was an instant inspiration in the making of the unique beach dress – Be A Mermaid. 

While shopping summer clothes you should look for clothes that gives you an instant feeling of being alive and in line with nature. Unique beach dresses should give you this feeling right away. Be A Mermaid is an unique beach dress created for all the magical sunset moments on a deserted beach far, far away…