Beautiful Beaches In Costa Rica


Beautiful Beaches In Costa Rica

The most elongated beaches in the world

Costa Rica is the land of amazing nature. Here you can find the most elongated beaches in the world. Just a little tip – travel in rain season to understand what lush really means.

The beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. From the volcano beach Playa Carbon Costa Rica to the outstanding Playa Minas Costa Rica. Some of the most elongated beaches in the world is found in this beautiful country. Let’s dive into Costa Rica.


playas minas costa rica


Playa Minas

– Costa Rica

It’s on the way to Pirate Bay, so you also need a 4×4 car or a quad bike to get to Playa Minas Costa Rica. About 30 minutes from Playa Grande. Oh my God. This is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen!


If you arrive in the morning, it feels like you landed on a deserted beach. It’s the perfect place to explore with your love. No place to buy drinks or food, so make sure you bring it. Climb up the hill on your left side and be blown away by the stunning view.


Go for a hike to the peak on your right, it takes about one hour. You don’t get a more grandiose view of the Atlantic Ocean.


playas minas costa rica


Playa Grande

– great for surfing

Playa Grande is the starting point of your Guanacaste journey. It’s the main beach of all the beaches of this region. With it’s elongated white sand; both right and left side is absolutely breathtaking. The beach is great for surfing at every level, but you will feel safer if you are advanced. Many of the greatest surfers in the world come to surf here in peak season. The current can get really strong – take precautions!


playa grande sunset


But if you don’t surf, no problem. The beach is great for long morning walks, chilling under palm trees and enjoying a bottle of wine while watching the sunset. I love that it’s no umbrellas or sunbeds here, and if you want one, you need to make it from palm tree leaves. This makes the experience more special.


playa grande sunset kids playing


Playa Ventana

– natural pools 

Another beautiful beach in Costa Rica is Playa Ventana. The big rock on your right side, when entering Playa Grande is the starting point of Playa Ventana. Fewer people here than Playa Grande, but it’s just as elongated and beautiful. Many spots to enjoy your special someone and the sunrise/sunset.


costa rica playa ventana


If you go all the way to the opposite side when it is low tide, you can swim in the natural pools that are created by the reefs. Magnificent view of the ocean.

The waves here are more unpredictable, so I would not recommend surfing here. You can also experience sharks around the reefs on the right side of this beach at high/middle season when it’s colder in the water.


man and woman at playa ventana


Playa Carbon

– Costa Rica

Wow. Black crystal. Never seen anything like this. A real volcano beach is something you try to imagine, but never truly think will be such an awesome experience. I promise you, this is Mother Nature at it’s absolute best. Playa Carbon Costa Rica is something you have to experience.


Drive the bumpy road from Playa Grande, about 5 minuets, or walk Playa Grande, Playa Ventana and then the little path over the hill to finally arrive at Playa Carbon Costa Rica. Very important to go here when it’s low tide otherwise the ocean will cover most of the beautiful black sand. And you need to experience when the sun makes the whole beach glitter.


playa carbon costa rica


Palm Beach

– great for surfing 

You can drive to Palm Beach from Playa Grande (10 minuets) or you can walk about 20 minuets from the middle of Playa Grande on you left side. If you walk further (maybe another 20 minuets) you come to the crowded Tamarindo beach and town.


Bring hammocks, build your own little hide away from the sun and watch the sunset surfers.


Palm Beach is a more touristic area with many bungalow hotels and some restaurant. None of it on the beach, so you get the same deserted beach feeling as Playa Grande. Perfect location for families and surfing for beginners. You get pretty good waves here, but the current is not so strong and the waves not so big. At the end of Palm Beach the Mata Palo River flows into the sea. Since this is a nature reserve, you can experience crocodiles. Just saying…


palm beach costa rica sunset


Playa Conchal

– a splendid shell beach 

About 15 minutes drive from Playa Grande you arrive at Playa Conchal. I think this beach is one of the most crowded of the region, probably because it offers both sunbeds and umbrellas. Also it’s one of those splendid shell beaches, which absolutely can end up on your honeymoon list. But I would recommend visiting at low season. High season can get packed here.


At low season this beach is a picture perfect postcard! The green, lush trees meet the water and the white shell sand sparkle like the sun. You can easily get lost here for hours. A little tip: the soft sand is perfect for a natural peeling session!


On your way to Playa Conchal, you drive by Playa Brasilito. This is the typical local, family beach. You have some restaurants and shops, and often you can catch a local beach party. No surf beach, but pretty cool to sand surf with mini boards.


costa rica playa conchal woman walking alone


Pirate Bay

– good reef surfing

To get to Pirate Bay you need a 4×4 car or a quad bike. The road is really bumpy and it takes about 30 minuets from Playa Grande. But it’s definitely worth it.



pirate bay beach sunset


This beach is where pirates used to get ashore, you can see traces of that with the pirate flag on top of the cave just 50 meters out in the ocean. You can swim out and explore both inside and climb around.

Here you get good reef surfing, but it’s for more advanced surfers. Tranquil feeling and perfect to chill and get a tan. Stay until sunset, bring your fishing gear and try to catch your own dinner.


pirate bay man surfing


Playa Nombre De Jesús

– elongated beach

This beach is worth exploring when you visit Playa Conchal or Playa Minas Costa Rica. When you climb up the hill on the left side of Playa Minas Costa Rica, you can climb down the other side, and there you have the elongated Playa Nombre De Jesús. From Playa Conchal you just walk the whole beach, about 30 minutes.



playa nombre de jesus beach


This beach is totally deserted and tranquil. Make sure to bring drink and something to eat if you planning on staying a while.


playa nombre de jesus beach


Playa Pireta

– catch the sunset 

It can be a little bit hard to find, but keep your eyes open on your way from Playa Conchal, about 15 min drive. On your left side you spot an exit sign to Playa Pireta, and after 2 bumpy minuets you arrive.


Perfect for kids to play, and chilling under the palm trees. The beach is pretty small, so no place to lie down and tan. If you are lucky it’s huge waves to boogie board and dive in. Catch the sunset before you leave.


playa pireta sunset


Playa Amor

– the hidden treasure

Still a hidden treasure and impossible to find information about online. You need to ask locals about it and arrange a boat trip for a day. Dive from the boat and experience real green water. Beyond words.


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