Experience Cuba Before It Changes


Experience Cuba Before It Changes

Havana takes 'charming city' to the next level

What are you waiting for? Cuba is a place you need to visit in the coming years. It’s unique and authentic, and the local’s breath and live the creative spirit of the country.
Truly inspiring to experience. A memory for life.

EAT (Havana)

Lie in the bathtub, sit in the old car or wagon and enjoy a good lunch at Café Fortuna (popular hangout place for couples in love….)   

Breakfast at Mama Iné – beautiful location, but don’t be in a rush – the staff is very tranquil… 

Enjoy a Cuban gourmet dinner at El Roof Garden de La Guardia – spectacular building, famous restaurant from 1996 

Chicken salad (with a lot of fresh veggies) and Lemonade Frappé in the little oasis at Art Pub 

Cool crowd and awesome tapas at El de Enfrente – very popular with locals, so book a table in advance   

Check out the local guides from Havana at Airbnb. Lots of good tips!  


DRINK (Havana)

Juices and coffee at Cafe Bohemia  

Cocktails and amazing sunset view at La Flauta Mágica  

Wine, beer and cocktails at Encuentro  

Enjoy cocktails and the sunset from the rooftop bar Cocinero (you can also have dinner here, but book a table several days ahead)  

Experimental cocktails at O’Reilly 304  

Check out the local guides from Havana at Airbnb. Lots of good tips!  



Cayo Coco  

Perfect white sand and turquoise water! Take a walk at sunrise when it’s almost no people, and experience when the sky and water has the same color. At daytime it can get pretty crowded here, but to avoid the mass of people head all the way to either the right or left side.  

The right side gives you a feeling of a deserted island when you walk to the very end. Here you can also experience white flamingos.  

At low tide you can walk about 50 meter straight out and find a little dune to chill for a couple of hours.  


Playa Pilar 

The left side of Cayo Coco offers a little more “jungle feeling”. At high tide the threes almost meets the water and you can get a natural shadow in the waterfront. Perfect place to snorkel and see all the colorful creatures of the Atlantic.  


Cayo Guillermo  

This beach is windier, but much less crowded. Beautiful turquoise water and white sand – perfect for those peaceful beach walks with someone you love.    

Note: When you drive from the main land to Jardines del Rey, you pass a place on your left side called Los Cayos. This is a little colony of flamingos – all you see is a pink line on the ocean surface. Ask your driver, it’s a pretty cool sight.  


DO (Havana)

Sunrise at Malecón  and stroll around in Old Havana. It’s like being in a movie from the 50’s .  

Boat ride to Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro – spectacular view of Havana   

Daytrip to Viñales: green and lush village about 2 hours drive from Havana. You need to have lunch at Casa de Confianza. They don’t have a menu, but will just serve you all Cuban food can offer – this is definitely the best meal I had in Cuba. 


Daytrip to Laguna del Tesoro, Cienaga de Zapata. About 2,5 hour drive from Havana with wild animals, like crocodiles. 

PS: When you go on daytrips from Havana, make sure you get a cool, old car!   

A night at FAC – Fabrica de Arte: super cool nightclub and hangout spot. You can have drink, watch a concert, movie, dance performance or a play, or just go hang out with a lot of artsy people.  

Eat a lot of Chicharritas and Yucca chips – it’s so good!  




To live in Old Town Havana is a unique experience. In Magalys House you will get the real Cuban neighborhood feeling, the inevitable city noise and the balcony view of both Catedral and Playa Vieja. Magaly and Leydiana will make breakfast for you every day and help you out with whatever you need. They are so warm and friendly; you don’t want to leave.   

Santa Clara 

If you choose to experience Santa Clara for a few days, you need to stay in Luz Maria’s house. The house is pink, beautiful and has that tranquil atmosphere. The family lives upstairs and they will welcome you with open arms. You get fresh breakfast every day and optional dinner to enjoy in the garden with their cute dog, Viva, and two peacocks. Definitely worth the experience!  


Worth mentioning about going to Cuba:

Don’t expect Cuba to be an island with no tourists. You will get a one of a kind-experience walking around in Old Town Havana, but as the rest of the Caribbean you have tourists from all over the world.  Jardines del Rey is a typical destination for charter tourists from Canada.   


With that said, Cuba is unique and authentic, and the locals breath and live the creative spirit of the country. Inspiring to experience.   

Note: Wi-Fi is limited, so you should be prepared for an offline-vacation.   




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